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Jade Quartz Ceramic Coating

Give your vehicle a makeover that outlasts any paint correction and enjoy much less washing, waxing, dust, and even prevent minor scratches! Use the newest paint technology on the market!

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We use the longest lasting tint available brought to you by:


We offer Window Tinting, Graphics, Vehicle GRAPHICS RACING STRIPES, PLASTI DIPPING, Car Audio, Lambo Doors, Rim and Tire Packages, hid lighting and more


We install the World's First Self-Healing paint protection film! Xpel© Film helps prevent damage from debris while driving. XPEL© offers excellent impact resistance on your vehicle's paint, and XPEL© film is completely invisible to the naked eye!
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Kustom Tint's Window Tinting School

Our shop has been teaching people just like you to tint windows on all types of vehicle glass for over 15-years. Imagine yourself learning a skill that will allow you to make $75 per hour and up in just two weeks. During the course you will be given all the tools that need not only to use for class, but you get to keep your tools and a free roll of tint as well. These are the same tools that our shops and other professional shops use to install window tint. You will also learn to perform the office duties of a successful window tinting business that you can apply to your current job or shop.

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